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Mary is coming to visit today! She still hasn't seen our new apartment and I can't wait to hang out with her. I haven't seen her in a few months and baby Ayda is growing up so fast! After that Brian is coming over to spend the night and Rosa and Robin will be joining us for dinner and a movie. I hope I can convince them to watch the documentary I rented...it seems like that never goes over very well!

Oh, and thank God that Heather found my earring today. I was afraid that I had lost it and my grandma just gave me the pair last week. They are vintage from the '50s and I thought I'd never see them again.
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I can't believe that the King of Pop is dead?! We had a long moment of silence for him at work today and I had to break the news to my mom who is one of his biggest fans. At first I thought it was just a hoax, but after CNN confirmed I had no choice but to believe. I can't wait to go pick up our coffee table and cabinet from Craigslist tonight.
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Tuesdays are the new Fridays

I'm planning a road trip to visit a ghost town soon with Rosa and Robin. More than likely we'll go to Bodie because no one has been there yet and it seen haunting.
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I’m sure you’re all aware it’s summer
since Friday it’s been nothing but sleep spent and highways
we drive over the hills to have our fun now
we sleep on couches under old knitted blankets
and eat stale cereal in the morning to save money
what better way to wake up than in last nights make-up and jeans?
I forgot to take off my shoes after good times last night..and I must say they gave me the best dreams that I’ve had all season
not to mention blisters from dancing and running into old faces
Sunday night we celebrated my singledom
family plans were changed due to my dad making some irrational deciscions..

we wore chandelier earrings because they make us feel that much closer to Hollywood, CA
and listened to the radio because my cd player has been broken since January
the radio makes me smile in the evening..old love songs and favorites that you only listen to at family barbeques
we used to say we wouldn’t be caught dead with the windows down and UB40 blaring
I lost the directions and couldn’t parallel park..a gay man smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk watched us struggle for 7 minutes before offering to park my car
he did it in style and smoothly..then asked if Slim’s was "a straight thing", laughed and called us beautiful
purse in hand, we made it to the show..3 minutes late
Shelley was there..I hadn’t seen her in 29837283 years
of course, the loves Runforit and Tanner
(UROSH!!!! thank you for stealing the list <3333 )
even Mr. Mercer of all people made an appearance in our night..a nice suprise :)
it’s never been sweeter to see people from once before

we danced with The Jealous Sound..they never cease to amaze me and didn’t bother to stay for Piebald

in other news, we’ve graduated
the ceremony was short and windy..very green and yellow
to celebrate we went to the movies and ate quarter candy
I didn’t take my dress off till 3:30 the next day

Seemingly, this summer is going to be full of late nights and even later mornings
concert ticket stubs, "healthy" fast food, Pink Lemonade Snapples, air conditioned road trips and gas stations on the bill
I just want to feel the LA breeze
hopefully I'll see Mexico this summer and maybe the east coast

Last night was probably the best beginning of an end that I’ve had in awhile
for 5 hours me, Chris & Matt did absolutely nothing but drive from cool spots to cool spots where all we would do was put the seats back, roll down the windows and talk about everything/anything
we laid in an old park tower next to the highway and laughed till we beat each other up

you best believe I'm enjoying life to the fullest...

some people can make you smile even when your trying your best not to

…and you kissed me like you meant it

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I'm in love with these two lovelies..I am blessed to have them in my life

I can't focus on anything lately
not even with my glasses
I don't drive anywhere..because gas is burning a hole in my purse
there are a bajillion thoughts on my mind..none of which involve graduation..the words summer and freedom come to mind
I walk the high school hallways with barely a smile to offer to anyone..everyone seems just as zombie-ish as I am..going from calculus to history..to the dreary burger joints for a quick shake and fries between classes
they overcharge you..the owner never pronounces your name right..and they are greedy ketchup misers..when I asked if I could have a lot of ketchup the stingy man gave me 3 packets
I walked home today for the first time this spring..I took the long way, past the olive trees where me and Gina used to slip and slide in the rain..down the sidewalk where I used to dance after having a good day..and by the old Victorian house with the orchids in the front yard..accompanied by the BEWARE OF DOG sign..the dog is always sleeping anyways..so I help myself to an orchid and press it between the pages of my Economics notebook
I've secluded myself from my family, from the telephone and from the television
today I decided to eat my pizza dinner outside on the patio..and my dad came and joined me
he made stale conversation about Matt, school and work
none of which he knows enough about..or even cares enough to know about
I drank my cup of water and avoided eye contact..hoping he would realize that I didn't want company
there's been a major lack of sleep on my part these days..I've been listening to the same songs over..taking three baths a day and sewing more shirts/skirts than I will ever be able to wear
I started reading a book this morning about a 67 year old woman who places an ad in the paper looking for someone to have sex with..she is portrayed as a brave, elder soul who just wants to enjoy the last years of her life..she describes herself as an easy lay
I thought it was borderline, grandma skank
I don't know why I read this trash anyways..but it's mandatory for work to know about the bestsellers..

I think too much
I worry more each day..
A Wedding Story made me cry..they had such an original story..full of passion and romance
this must be emotional week on my calendar or something

Cursive is playing tonight..and I'm listening to their CD in my empty room rather than being there
I'm getting tired of Livejournal
I can't wait for church this week/weekend
yesterday during lunch I stopped by St.Michael's..there are so many things/people in my life that need prayers (myself included)..it's sad that they keep their doors closed..so I sat on the red brick steps and until I realized I was all alone
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my seat partner baffled me this morning
but since I'm not using names I think it's ok to express my thoughts on the subject
I was eating my chocolate chip cookie when she whispered that she's pregnant
I almost choked on crumbs..and she grinned
at first I thought she was lying because she seemed amused at my reaction
her & her boyfriend have been together for a few years..so I wasn't all that suprised
and she is pretty open about the pregnancy..
I asked her what she was planning on doing..
and she said..
"Well..I'm going to get an abortion, and then we're (the baby's daddy) going to get manicures and pedicures together"
she laughed and it felt so awkward to smile at what she just said
I haven't neccessarily formed an opinion on abortion just yet..I've never really been in a situation where I've needed to voice myself on the matter
the only thing that really got to me was how she said it..and how she laughed about getting a pedicure the weekend after
is it really not that big of a deal?
if I were ever faced with that situation..I don't think I would take the matter lightly..and I sure as hell wouldn't finish it off with a joke
doesn't that sort of decision affect your entire life..and those around you?
I think that teenagers take these issues too lightly sometimes..shrug them off..and don't give them second thoughts


this world needs a re-evaluation
I need some MadTV and sleep
as well as some good music to help me make it through the night
I'm going to be pulling an allllllllllllll nighter with this essay
definetly need to make some tea and grab my electric blanket
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